Camiguin Island – (Part 2)

Exotic Islands in Philippines. #tourismcamiguin #visitcamiguin

Philippines Adventure

You can find my Part 1 of my Philippines adventure here: cebu-iligan-initao-city-part1

The today’s story is about the Camiguin, a heavenly, picturesque island and the white island nearby the Camiguin. The island is through earthquakes and volcanic eruptions; Thus, a significant Island landmark is a cemetery named Sunken Cemetery, now marked with a huge cross, was also one of the areas in this old town.

We have a ferry trip to the Island from Cagayan de Oro city. During our waiting time, one thing impressed me most. The Boat beggars who chase the Ferry for coins. What does this mean? There are families beggars (including kids) who have mini boats and begging for some money. The distance height from ferry towards their boat is considerably high and I am wondering how they are going to catch the money. I throw a few coins which go inside the sea, a kid boy jumps from the boat, dives and catches the coins just in seconds! On the one hand, I am thinking loudly ” owowouo! they are very well trained indeed”. Opposite, I am thinking regarding the poverty level of these kids. So sad and unfair indeed…on a separate post I will point out my views on whether its right or not to give money to the beggars.

Poor children hunting for money in Philippines. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin

We arrive on the island after almost 2 hours. There is a green scenery with mini shops and canteen restaurants around. We call our driver, and since he is a little bit late it’s an opportunity to try some local food.

Camiguin Island port Philippines. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin

Camiguin island map of the area. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin

We reach in our resort, which is the Paras beach resort a very well maintained place with a great view to my favourite white island! The price of the resort on that time (2010) I think was around 40 Euros for a double room.

Paras swimming pool in paras beach resort. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin

Paras beach resort swimming pool, philippines. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin

Paras beach resort balcony, Camiguin island, Philippines. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin

Paras beach resort, Philippines. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin

White Island

White island. We explore a little the resort and decide to visit the white island during the late afternoon, that time it’s not so hot. It’s better to visit the island in the early morning or late afternoon because of the heat. There are no trees or shelter, and it is composed solely of white sands so you have to bring your own umbrella and your supplies if you wanna stay for a long time (I think the stay is around 3 hours). We conclude to organise our trip by the resort and we did not regret it. The boat ride is 15 minutes only by the mainland and the price is around 4 Euros each person.

Camiguin Island paras beach resort, Philippines. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin

Camiguin Island boat trip, Philippines. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin

Camiguin Island from far distance, Philippines. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin

People are fishing in Camiguin Island, Philippines. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin

Fishermen in Camiguin Island, Philippines. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin

Fire places in Camiguin Island, Philippines. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin

Approaching the island..and I am speechless! The crystal clear waters and the white sand put a smell on me, we are literally in the middle of the sea! You have to be there to truly appreciate its awesome beauty. LOVE at first sight. 

Paradise sand in Camiguin Island, Philippines. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin

During our visit time, we are the only tourists on the Island! We have our own private island! Lying down, hearing the sea sound, and start dreaming, can’t believe I am on this Paradise….Just leave me here…

Lazy days in Camiguin Island, Philippines. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin

Magic in Camiguin Island, Philippines. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin

The time is passing and our boatman makes a sign that its time to leave. As the high tide (the sea level increases and the island disappears!) approaches we should leave the place. As you are relaxing on the beach you can slightly view this phenomenon…slowly the sand start “disappearing”. Amazing right??? One last dive and some photos with a volcano view and here we are on our way back…Happy I visited this place.


Do not just swim in the crystal clear waters, explore the seas through diving if you can. You will see amazing shells and various colourful seaweed.

Snorkelling in Camiguin Island, Philippines. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin

The view from the white island overlooking the volcano is indeed picturesque. Yeah I know I am very excited!


Breakfast Time with Mango

On the next day morning, we get ready for the breakfast time. My favourite fruit in this country definitely is…what else? MANGO! It’s fresh, juicy, mouth-watering and perfectly cut in small cubes. From all my travels in Asia, I think that the Philippino mangos are quite different than the other Asian countries. More juicy, more flavour and much more delicious. Believe me, I can have mangos on the whole day and not to get bored!

In Love with mangos in Camiguin Island, Philippines. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin

We finish our breakfast and we go for a little bit shopping for some local goods. I really like some colourful sea shell necklaces where I grab a few of those.

Traditional necklaces in Camiguin Island, Philippines. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin

Ardent Hot Spring

Another visit is the Ardent Hot Spring with 40 degree Celsius water, heated by the Mountain Hibok-Hibok and an active volcano, in which you can hike if you have the courage! (we did not have the time). Moreover, the island has a unique beauty with the Old Spanish churches and ancestral homes from the Spanish and American periods.

Camiguin Island, Philippines. Club resort. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin

Despite the fact that is the second-smallest island in the country after Batanes, it really worths a visit for a few days. Most noteworthy,  soak yourself in the sun while enjoying this beautiful island with crystal clear waters? All the dreams can come true….

Camiguin Island, Philippines. Coconut tree. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin


Camiguin Island, Philippines. #tourismphilippines #visitcamiguin