Upside-down Apple pie | Vegan.

Upside-down Apple pie | Vegan

Upside-down Apple pie! I have to make a confession. I am addicted to apples and cinnamon. When I began cooking in Greece, my first attempt was in Apple pies.  Many years ago. I could spend endless hours in my kitchen, making experiments with these ingredients. But now I can show you how to […] #vegan #food

Basic Calcium Sources for Vegans

Calcium Sources Read where you can find the best Calcium Sources for Vegans. What is Calcium? Calcium is one of the essential biochemical elements in nutrition. It is needed for the muscular growth, it is vital for the formation of strong bones/teeth and it is needed by every part of the […]

Vegan - Greek - pitta - bread

Greek Pita Bread – Vegan

  Greek Pita You can never go wrong with homemade food and this greek pita bread is one perfect example of that. I made a decision to start cooking everything from scratch and eliminate any “ready made” products found in supermarkets, bakeries etc, including breads, sauces, pickles, vegan milk, cakes, […]

Vegan - maninio - chocolate - truffles

Vegan and Gluten Free Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles Time flies, it’s Christmas time already. This month’s indulgence is Truffles! My love for truffles is endless. I love to create various types of them…With black chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, coconut, nuts, alcohol and much more. My last addiction is the ones on vegan and gluten-free version. […]