Sugar Detox

Γλυκαντικά - Are-You-Addicted-to-Sugar-Το ναρκωτικό Ζάχαρη και τα γλυκαντικά, ζάχαρη, - αποτοξίνωση.

The reality about Sugar and the Sweeteners

On the occasion of the Cancer Research UK on the detoxification from sugar in the month of February, I created a related Facebook group Sugar-free Challenge, Αποτοξίνωση από την ζάχαρη for us to join in the effort!  Also, whoever to make a donation can enter my page here —> Donation.The money goes automatically […]

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Eui’s Sorbet

Time for Eui’s sorbet Did I ever talk you about Eui? I do not think so. It’s my niece with this mischievous smile and the tawny hair that stubbornly persists not to shear…apart from the bangs, where she hides from her mum, gets the scissors and tries to fix it… […]