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The blog Maninio

Maninio is a Vegan food and travel blog since October 2016.

It was created by Pinelopi Kyriazi, Mechanical Engineer, Vegan Chef, and Blogger at a time of her life that she wanted to share recipes, experiences and thoughts on Veganism, sugar, eco-lifestyle and travel around the world.

The main idea of the blog was born in Qatar, where she spent 9 years as an Engineer and also she managed her Part-time Catering business with Greek cuisine and pastry cakes.

Maninio’s audience is mainly from America and Greece as it is bilingual, in English and Greek. Also, a large number of readers are from England, Canada, Australia, Cyprus, Peru, India, Germany, and Qatar.

The themes of the blogging concern the healthy and vegan lifestyle at all levels (spiritual and physical). It is based on six (6) ideas:

  1. Vegan recipes with organic materials, unprocessed materials and as much as possible made from scratch.
  2. My trips around the world, including Greece, which has the central idea of Veganism / Sustainable way of traveling in each country. You will find articles with Vegan restaurants, cafes, eco-shops, yoga, massage, eco-friendly buildings. There are also simple stories from my travels without a Vegan lifestyle – it’s my stories before I transitioned to Veganism.
  3. Wellness. In this section, you will find my favorite wellness centers all over the world and in Greece.
  4. Sugar-detox. I’m a former ex-junkie of sugar. So I decided to dedicate a part of the blog to help people to get detoxified through blog articles and group support
  5. Guides. On this part, you can find tips on how to get out of sugar, where to find Vegan food etc. Example -> Eat as a vegan in England.
  6. Blog. Here are a few articles on the Veganism philosophy, travel, healthy living, my personal journey to the Veganism and my personal weight loss of 25 kilos. You can also find my interviews with others blogs and also interviews with my readers for various related issues.

If you want to find out more about me and my studies on Veganism and Wellness, you can read here —> My story.

In addition to my site, my readers find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+.

What can I do for you

Between my blog and social networking channels, I can promote you to thousands of readers each month. I am proud to provide the best quality content to my readers.

How can we work together

There are many ways you can work with Maninio from reviews to advertising.  Below are some more details about the main ways brands choose to work with me.

  • MENU AND VEGAN RECIPES FOR YOUR PRODUCT: Promote your Vegan products by creating great recipes for your brand. Excellent recipes mean I use my experience in Vegan cuisine in a way that will benefit your products. Also, I can provide menu creation for Vegan restaurants, cafes, retreats, and hotels.
  • FOOD STYLING: Styling for displaying your products with a visual impression (maintaining the integrity of your prescriptions if you wish).
  • SPONSORSHIPS: I can promote your brand (travel agencies, hotels, vegan restaurants/cafes, Vegan Food tours, spa) and provide video and article about your brand or destination with a reference to your brand name. These articles can also be promoted through social media. The articles will be forever on my site and will continue to feed my readers. You will get increased brand awareness and exposure, and increased search engine rankings on Google (this even happens with no follow links).These posts include social media promotion. You can see examples here and here.
  • GIVEAWAYS: I can run giveaways on my site that can match them to my blog brand. Whether it’s attracting more readers to your site, more email subscribers, or more interaction and fans across all your social media, I can help you achieve that. I give the contests maximum exposure to my site and social media. You can see an example here and here.
  • REVIEWS AND PROMOTION OF VEGAN PRODUCTS: Promotion of your products whether natural or online. Full review and promotion on all social media. Continuous content promotion – my reviews and articles are on my site forever.
  • ADVERTISEMENT: Promote your brand through advertising. You can advertise on the homepage, sidebar, footer or inside an article (it will be marked as an ad). You will be able to increase brand exposure and get clicks on your site.

Media Kit is available upon request.

Companies I’ve worked with:



  1. Advice on dealing with airlines and airports , My article –> Freezing in Doha
  2. Zen places – The plantation villa resort kalutara, Sri Lanka
  3. Top 20 places in Greece, My article –> 19. Nafpaktos, Mainland, Greece
  4. The best Europe weekend getaways, My article –> Saint Emilion
  5. The worst Ping Pong show, My article –> The worst Ping Pong show
  6. Foreign travel bloggers, the Philippines
  7. Random Greece photo week 5
  8. Vegan chocolate cake with salted caramel hazelnuts, My Chocolate cake recipe (In English and Greek)
  9. How to craft the perfect travel blog post
  10. Whats your favorite social media network
  11. Work abroad being an expat in Qatar and Cambodia, My article –> Being an Expat in Qatar
  12. Favorite cities in Belgium blog collaboration, My article –> Bruges (Belgium)
  13. My interview with Ideadeco
  14. My Interview with the Greek magazine “Edit your life” (in Greek)
  15. 45 Best Vegan Easter recipes, My Greek Spinach Pie recipe
  16. Σωταρισμένα μανιτάρια με λεμόνι, My recipe of sauteed mushrooms (in Greek)

I will be very happy to work with you!

For more information please send a short description of your company, your contact details or your website HERE.

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