Guide to an easy transition to Vegan diet

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Vegan Diet Guide

Our guest today, shares some useful tips for anyone who wishes to follow the Vegan diet. She is Georgia Neroutsou and she is a new youtube creator, with self-improvement and self-awareness videos. You can find the channel Here.

We all know that we need to detoxify our body. Going Vegan sounds like a great solution, right? Maybe you have already tried unsuccessfully. Let’s see the pitfalls and the right steps to make the transition easy!
Habits that make the vegan diet hard to digest:

  • Bread, rice or pasta are the usual fillers to satiate your hunger. But the result is a bloated belly. Try eliminating grains from your diet and add a lot of oil, seeds or nuts in your meal to make it satisfying.
  • Lentils, beans, chickpeas are the most popular and tasty legumes. But they are hard to digest. A few handfuls per week should be enough. Add plenty of spices that aid digestion, like ginger, cumin, coriander, dill or aniseeds.
  • Going vegan is a step to uncharted territory, cooking wise. You might feel lost as to what to cook. You might feel anxious to transform all traditional recipes with animal-derived products to their vegan version. So you keep reminding yourself of your old habits, instead of transitioning to unfamiliar meals. In this journey, avoid substitutes, like milk or cheese substitutes. Eliminate prepared foods and snacks with chemical additives. Gather the crops of nature, and experiment with their combinations. You will be surprised by your creativity!

Steps that accelerate results in a vegan transition:

  • Go vegan on a New Moon. New Moons amplify the energy of new starts and make you stick with it. Keep your new dietary preferences for one lunar month that is, for 28 days. That’s it – that’s how much your body needs to feel the transformation and your mind to be convinced that it’s worth it. Now, it’s up to you to judge whether the vegan diet suits you or not.
  • Make the transition gradually. 
1st week: meals with meat, without dairy or grains in the same meal. 
2nd week: no meat. Meals with dairy, without grains. 
3rd week: Going vegan!
  • Be mindful of your body transformation when you eat only fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts and oils. Do you feel lighter? Does your body odour decrease? Do you breathe more comfortably?

If you don’t feel like going vegan forever, that’s OK. This is a detoxifying dietary choice that you can make twice per year, for 1 and a half lunar month, each time. Giving your body this time to feel the change will give you a health boost and will tame many of your cravings, in the long run.