My one month Sugar-Free Challenge | Results and What I learnt.

My one month Sugar-Free Challenge | Results and What I learned

In the past couple of years, I’ve tried a couple of times to detox from sugar but in vain. I was a junkie, sick and tired of my addiction. The maximum I managed to last was 2 weeks. I was eating way too much sugar. My daily minimum consumption was 2-3 chocolates, white bread, and corn flakes. I could also spend days with only cakes, candies, cakes and ice cream. This is the sad truth. I WAS ADDICTED TO SUGAR AND I NEEDED A DETOX!

Research Cancer UK had a February challenge sugar so I thought I could give one more shot!

cut sugar. My one month Sugar-Free Challenge | Results and What I learnt.

One-month Sugar-free.

I was scared to do it alone. So I decided to create the Facebook group Sugar-Free Challenge – Αποτοξίνωση από την ζάχαρη, start together with other people and get inspiration.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I was determined to fight against my addiction! In the beginning was very difficult because of the sugar withdrawal symptoms but I found a few ways to overcome them.

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BUT I also learned a few things during the detox and I have some amazing results!

I Lost weight and feel less bloated.

My main goal was not to lose weight but to get rid off my sugar addiction. Surprisingly, I lost 4kgs and feel less bloated!! Oh Yes!!!! I jump for joy!

My Vegetarian daily menu consisted mainly of fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, few organic flour products and few dairy products. (Not anymore as I am a new bee Vegan!)

I did not count calories and I ate when I felt hungry. I also started a gym exercise 4 times a week for 1 hour each.

Weight loss. My one month Sugar-Free Challenge | Results and What I learnt.

My Cravings and Hunger reduced

This was by far the biggest challenge of the month. How to control my cravings and my hunger. I had to discover new ways to prepare my sweet meals and this made me understand the difference between and hunger. Of course, I faced strong cravings that I indulge in. Everybody has them. Make sure you do not “beat” out yourself every time you can’t control them. It’s ok! Keep going!!!

My Energy increased

Normally I would feel exhausted by the end of the day and especially after a sugary meal. In addition, I felt sleep quite often during the day. After a month truly my energy rocked!

I Learnt to read labels.

To be honest, before my sugar detox I seldom read labels. The only habit I had was just for basic the sweets staff, as chocolates, biscuits etc. I soon realized that the sugar is hidden in lots of things! Even in the packaged white bread, corn flakes rusks, even in mustard! If you add the daily sugar intake, you will realize that you consume LOTS of sugar. The big challenge for me was to cut the hidden sugars. Sugar and artificial sweeteners are almost in EVERYTHING! So watch out the labels.

A friend of mine claims that she does not consume any sugar. After a thorough check of what she is eating daily, I discovered that she receives almost 50 grams of sugar daily, without any sweets, chocolates etc. Her daily sugar intake is from “healthy” bars, corn flakes, yogurt, white packaged bread, roasted nuts and ready-made sauces and beans. Oh yes! All these contain sugar. 

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Read labels. My one month Sugar-Free Challenge | Results and What I learnt.

My Menustration improved.

Surprisingly during my recent menustration, I did not face any Premenstrual syndromes and my period pain reduced. Normally a week prior to my monthly visitor I would have swollen legs, breasts, and pain in the whole body. I felt relieved!

I ate more fruits. 

I love fruits but I don’t eat too much of them. When I quit sugar I had to turn to fruits to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings. I noticed that I was feeling fuller and less hungry so I reduced the excess food also.

My Expenses reduced.

I stopped buying all those unhealthy sugary things and focused on healthy eating. In addition, lots of packaged products such as beans, vegetables, sauces etc include sugar. I stopped buying also ready-made meals and start to prepare a meal on my own. My expenses reduced to 50%.

Will I continue my Sugar Challenge??

Of course! This month was only the start! 🙂 If you wanna to kick your sugar habit and start a healthier life, you can join the group Sugar-Free Challenge – Αποτοξίνωση από την ζάχαρη where we will have a new challenge and lots of sugar-free recipes.


My one month Sugar-Free Challenge | Results and What I #mysugardetox #sugardetoxchallenge

My one month Sugar-Free Challenge | Results and What I learnt. #mysugarfreechallenge #sugardetoxdiet