Vegan carrot cake

  • My blog sub name is a friend’s inspiration which I translate it as a Hungry and a wondering Greek. I have to admit that, I am always hungry and I always wonder… 🙂
  • The idea to start a Facebook page, blog and generally to sell my food in Qatar, it was by a lovely friend and colleague named Sumit who loves all my Vegetarian and Vegan dishes. Thanks, my dear friend!
  • My other names are Penelope or Penny (in Qatar) or Popi (in my place Nafpaktos), or the funny ones – from Arabs – like Bobby, Pineapple, Benelobi, Puppy, (in the Arabic language the P comes as B!), Poula and Ratatouille (from my friend Katerina), and the last one in France Panalopi. I am used to answering in all the options! 🙂
  • Patra – Greece is my birthplace where I lived up to 9 years old.
  • I often dream and think about food and travelling even I seem to be involved in a very serious discussion.
  • As my friend Vana says I am frequently in my own world. This is a kinda source of inspiration for me, I chose it and I really enjoy it.
  • My passion for collecting kitchen things, utensils, plates, decoration etc is endless! My dream is to have a country-style kitchen.
  • I would like to extend my studies to environmental engineering and one day to have my own house based on natural buildings technologies. Dreams dream dreams!
  • Minimalist lifestyle including things and relationships with people is my favourite trend lately. I would love to feel more energetic and happier.
  • I recently discovered the benefits of Vegetarian, Vegan and raw food cuisine and I am gradually changing my diet. I will be posting relevant recipes through my own “experiments”.
  • Since my travelling and cooking, I discovered my passion for Photography and I really wish was a food photographer also!
  • Qatar was a quite big, interesting chapter of my life. One of the most shocking incidents was; I and my friend have been threatened by a knife by my flatmate, in my house. Oh yes! Generally, from Qatar, I have a lot of weird, funny, amazing and interesting stories.
  • In addition, there are quite a lot of wonderful things happened in Qatar, one of them is that I met my best friend/sister Dialecti! She is the super positive vibe of all my good and bad moments of my life. 🙂
  • So far I have been in 25 countries, my favourite is India and Cambodia.
  • My dream destination is New Zealand, Latin America and Japan.

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