Vegan & Vegetarian Easter Menu Ideas

Vegetarian & Vegan Easter Menu

Shopping for Easter can be a long affair, requiring you to set aside a wide range of other chores and make time in your schedule. Fortunately is one of my favourite things to do. The challenge is while you are Vegan or Vegetarian. What a Vegan – Vegetarian can eat during Easter?  Traditionally in Greece, we eat lamb and one way of cooking it is on the spit on the Easter Sunday. 

This Easter is my first celebration as a Vegetarian, which means no meat of any kind. I am sure my family and the people around me will face me as an alien but to be honest, I do not mind at all, in contrast, I will be amused by their reactions. 🙂 Since they do not have any knowledge about the certain diet, I am not expecting them, to favourite and understand my actions.

I’ve had done a lot of research and this Easter Menu tastes every bit as good, with a lot of less mess. I’ve adapted techniques from the Traditional Greek cuisine, my Gastronomy studies and from cuisines around the world. It is separated in 1. Salads, 2. Sides, 3. Main course and 4. Desserts.  In some recipes, you can find variations for Vegans / Vegetarians and alternative ways that you can use each recipe. Hope you enjoy them. 

Let’s Start! 

Click on each photo to view the recipe.

1. Salads:


2. Sides:

(Regarding the Sauteed Mushrooms you can use them as a side combination with the Baked Tofu from the Main course below)

(You can combine Hummus with the Pita Bread below and the Sauteed mushrooms above. A pita idea is a pita stuffed with the mushrooms, green salad and the hummus dressing)

3. Main Dish: 

(Chickpeas Main dish below can be combined with a cup of a herby cooked brown rice, basmati rice or Quinoa)

4. Desserts:

I wish you Happy Easter with Love, Peace, and Joy!!!