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Vegetarian & Vegan food at Roots, Thessaloniki


It may have taken a while to revisit Thessaloniki but I found one of the unique alternative restaurants in the heart of the city. The restaurant opened in August 2014, yet its quickly risen to operate one of the best Vegetarians / Vegan food.

Vegetarian and Vegan food has slowly been gaining a reputation as a bastion of food innovation. And I don’t doubt that for a bit. I have been dining in some of Greece’s best-kept Vegan secrets for a few months now.  I must say it’s quite an amazing experience. This so-called food revolution happening in Greece right now has seen many of the country’s best new Vegan restaurants sprouting like mushrooms in big cities. And for those of you searching for a Vegan culinary experience like no other, look no further than Roots!


The restaurant is in the heart of Thessaloniki near Laladika and Tsimiski road. Set on a quiet street across from a beautiful Byzantine church and beautiful local mini shops. The interior and exterior will remind visitors of a minimalist, it is buzzed with excited relaxing music and it is comfortably full with seemingly satisfied patrons.

Delicious Cheesecake Roots, Thessaloniki. #veganfoodingreece #greekvegan


Eat Vegan at Roots, Thessaloniki. #veganfoodingreece #greekvegan


Neighboorhood at Roots, Thessaloniki. #veganfoodingreece #greekvegan

Vegan restaurant interior at Roots, Thessaloniki. #veganfoodingreece #greekvegan

Roots, Thessaloniki. #veganfoodingreece #greekvegan

The menu offers a good variety of starters, main courses, salads, desserts, cocktails, smoothies, wine, and coffee.

We started with Roots’ famous Vegetable spring rolls, which is essentially a plate of 2 rolls filled with carrots, caramelized onions, peppers, mushrooms, truly remarkable and perfectly cooked served with a spicy sauce and greens. A lovely surprise!!


Spring rolls with sauce at Roots, Thessaloniki. #veganfoodingreece #greekvegan

Spring rolls bites at Roots, Thessaloniki. #veganfoodingreece #greekvegan


For the main course, we decided to go with a Burger accompanied by baked potatoes, Basmati rice with chickpeas curry and exquisitely Vegan gyros. Full of protein and highly nutritious.

The Burger which consisted of a patty filled with vegetable, vegan cheese, a mayonnaise and accompanied with crispy potatoes grilled wrapped in a flavoured oil. The dish was executed perfectly, and the bright colours of the ingredients made it a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.

The flavour of the curry balanced the richness of the basmati rise very well and it reminded me very well the Asian lunches and dinners through India, Thailand, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka.

Gyros consisted of a juicy wrapped pitta bread, soy flavoured bites and incredible sauce. It is balanced perfectly with the baked baby potatoes. Toothsome indeed!!

Burger with potaotes at Roots, Thessaloniki. #veganfoodingreece #greekvegan


Burger at Roots, Thessaloniki. #veganfoodingreece #greekvegan

Rice with curry sauce. Vegetarian & Vegan food at Roots, Thessaloniki. #veganfoodingreece #greekvegan

Gyros dish at Roots, Thessaloniki. #veganfoodingreece #greekvegan

Siting area at Roots, Thessaloniki. #veganfoodingreece #greekvegan


There were a few desserts, but we went to a Cheesecake. Α crunchy biscuit made even richer with the addition of creamy layers between. This Cheesecake is a type of the perfect Vegan dessert and it has a flavour that everybody will love it. It’s a little nutty, with hints of vanilla and I could not believe that it’s Vegan! Paired with strawberry sauce, this cake is simply divine.

Cheesecake at the Vegetarian & Vegan food at Roots, Thessaloniki. #veganfoodingreece #greekvegan



The service accompanies the high quality of cooking. You can get a smile out of all the waitresses. The work of Chef is too good to stay hidden for long. All the servings were big and at very reasonable prices.

There’s no doubt a table at Roots will quickly become the hottest reservation in town for Vegans, Vegetarians, and even meat eaters. Even if you are not a fan of this kind of cuisine, you will not be disappointed.

I highly recommend going to this restaurant. I can’t wait to return! 🙂

  • Facebook page Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant
  • The restaurant organizes various events, such as Mexican nights. Watch out their facebook page for the upcoming ones.
  • Address: Mpaslanou 4-6 – Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Prices: 10-15 euro/person without wine.


Vegetarian & Vegan food at Roots, Thessaloniki. #veganfoodingreece #greekvegan

Vegetarian & Vegan food at Roots, Thessaloniki. #veganfoodingreece #greekvegan