How to find an engineering job in

How to find an Engineering Job in Qatar

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Engineering Job in Qatar

Are you a Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Architect, Quantity Surveyor, Civil Engineer, Interior Designer, Environmental Engineer, Oil and Gas Engineer or Project Manager?? If the answer is yes and you are looking for a job in Qatar, then this post is for you! I wish I had this guide when I first start looking for a job. 🙂 I would like to inform you, that it’s a quite long post as it is a detailed one. You can skip it and move to the end where more than 100 Engineering companies are listed. My advice: Read it through, if you are really interested in a job.

Let me tell you little things about myself and my profession. I am from Greece and I had worked in Qatar as a CAD Designer, Site Mechanical Engineer and Assistant Project Manager for 9 years in 4 companies ( Locals, 1 British and 1 Australian). I chose to leave the country 1.5 years ago.

If you really want to find a job in Qatar, there are a lot of opportunities out there.

Doha will host the World cup 2022 and the construction factor is booming. Some of the big projects are the Metro line, Lusail city and various stadiums which are all under construction. If you are really determined, for sure you will find one. BUT it’s up to your way of working, knowledge and your commitment if you will pass the probation period. On the other hand, there are other facts also that you may lose your jobs. Such as recession (oh yes it exists in Qatar also), lack of projects or other unwanted incidents.

I am assuming that you already take the decision to work in Qatar. You are aware also, that is a Muslim country and you are in process of searching for an opportunity. For now, you can learn more about how the country was Back to 2006. Ok ready?

Let’s start.

General Information:

  • All the Expats are obliged to have a working visa/sponsorship in order to be employed in Qatar.
  • There are three scenarios. 1.Your search for a job while you are already in the country and in some companies you are hired as local (you lose all the benefits!) 2. You search for a job while you also in the country. Then you agree to the job and you return back to your country. Next, you are hired as an expat (you have all the benefits) 3. You search a job while you are abroad. Next, you are hired as an expat (with all the benefits again).
  • Regarding the benefits mentioned on the point above. If you are hired as an expat, your company is obliged to pay you the ticket to Qatar, accommodation for the first months ( 2-3 or more or less depends on the company). In addition, in some cases, luggage allowance. In case, you are released or you decide to resign, the company will pay you the ticket back to your country. In some cases also, baggage allowance. In addition, there are other benefits, mobile, accommodation, car, children school fees etc, depending on your company and your nationality.
  • Salaries. It’s a collection of a lot of facts, such a Nationality, years of experience, degrees, family, profession and much more. For more, you can have a look here but all depends mainly on your company and your nationality:  salaries-doha-qatar
  • Working hours are according to your contract and the client’s requirements. Officially, In the main offices normally are from 8-5, 5 days a week but on Construction sites it depends, normally 6 days a week for 8-10 hours per day or more. In some projects, you can work for 5 days a week. You basically follow the project’s progress and requirements, for example during Testing and Commissioning or Concreting you have to be present even after working hours or during night times. Moreover, during the holy month of Ramadan the hours are reduced to 6 hours per day in all of the companies. (As per Qatari law).
  • There are a few recruitment agencies (You can find the list below) which act as the middle chain between the companies and the employees. Be careful! IF ANY AGENCY ASKS YOU MONEY FOR YOUR CONTRACT APPLICATION OR ANY OTHER REASONS, 100% ITS A SCAM. 
  • The contract type depends whether you are single or married and planning to bring your family along. Some companions provide visa/sponsorship for your family members too. The family is not considered girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse etc. ONLY married, window or separated 🙂 Do not forget that you are in a Muslim country.
  • The majority of the companies have a probation period of 3 – 6 months. At the end of the probation if your performance is satisfactory, then here you are! Your contract will arrive for your signature. During probation, your manager has the right to release you even within 1-2 days notice and the same applies to you too.
  • During the probation, you have a temporary visa and you are obliged to pass through fingerprints procedure and a health checks up (blood test for HIV, Hepatitis B&C, and X-Ray screening for Tuberculosis).
  • Let’s assume that you already succeed in the interview…Do not hurry up. You have to be patient for your visa to be approved by the main sponsor. Each foreign company which is based in Qatar, it is sponsored by a Qatari sponsor. Please note that the main sponsor, has a specific number of visas for each profession and gender and he is the one who gives the approval. In my case, I had to wait 4 months (oh yes!) in order my visa to be approved. If the sponsor says no, even if you had succeeded in the interview, I am afraid you will never get the job.
  • You don’t need to speak Arabic in order to be hired. English is widely spoken in all the companies.
  • The job interview is online or by your physical presence. Personally, I did not interact with online interviews.
  • In big companies, the interview is held by more than 1 person. During my latest job, I had an interview with four people, HR Manager, Project Manager, Mechanical Engineer and Resident Engineer.
  • If you are hired as a site Engineer, every time your company sends you to a new project you have to be first approved by the project client. They check your CV and in some cases, you are getting called in for an interview.
  • Bachelor degree is the minimum requirement to work as an Engineer. Below that, it goes to the category of worker, electrician, plumber etc, in which you will have a lot of competition with Asian countries which considered as a lower payment. They will prefer a worker from those countries than from Europe, America, Australia or New Zealand.
  • You can easily lose your job in case your performance is not found satisfactory. Working in Qatar and especially on sites, most of the times, its hard work. The key is to love your work, respect the different culture, respect their religion and be open-minded.
  • Health and Safety is a number one priority on sites. You can lose your job if you are not complying with the site’s health and safety rules and procedures.
  • Respect, Racism, Ethnicity  You are European and white. Two words that will help you a lot in your work. The condition is with respect to everyone else and not considers yourself a “boss”.  What do I mean by that? The majority of the employees on construction sites are Filipinos, Indians, Pakistanis and Arabs. It depends on your company if you have other nationalities or not. Large companies have many Europeans, Americans, Australians etc. If you think that because of your nationality and your colour you can act like an idiot you are wrong. I would like to mention that on construction sites, everybody has an important key role. From the tea boy, Engineer, Manager up to the employee in the storage room. If you want to carry out your work successfully, believe me, you need them ALL, so better act equally to everybody. 🙂

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So, how do you actually find a job: 

Scenario 1: You are not physically in the country.

My best advice is pretty simple. Visit the country and start looking for a job. If you have a friend to stay with, then you are lucky! Otherwise, invest some money in hotels and start the hunting by printing your CV, communicating with the companies and asking them for an interview. Yes sometimes, this can work in Qatar! For Europeans, you can get a Tourist visa on arrival for a month. Extension of 1-2 months. I think the same applies for the rest of Nationalities, I am not sure, so better check it out.

Scenario 2: You are not in the country, the budget is tight and you can’t afford a visit.  

       1. Connect with the companies you want to work with and start emailing them directly. Even if they do not have any opportunities on their websites. In addition, start applying to all the positions that you can find. Do not think it’s impossible to find a job in Qatar through online search. It’s way more difficult but it’s possible. It happened to me.

      2. If you have connections, ask them whether they know anything about a job. Every single one!  Even if there isn’t any, ask them to pass your CV to the HR for future opportunities. I have a case of mine, in which a previous colleague from my second company, moved to Dubai where afterwards he lost his job. Two years later, he contacted me for any opportunities in my company. Despite the fact, that we did not have any that time, I wrote an email to HR providing his CV. After a month, he got hired. You see? Yes, it can happen.

Scenario 3: You are already in the country because of your husband/wife/family. 

You have plenty of time to find and chose a job. Apply online, call the companies, visit the companies, talk to friends. Even strangers can help! I got my latest job from my Engineer Landlord. So, do not give up!

Scenario 4: The job finds YOU!

Yes, this can happen as well. 🙂 In this case, the choice is yours, either you accept the offer or not.

Note for women: It’s not considered dangerous, difficult and weird to search alone for a job while you are already in Qatar. My best girlfriend contacted 70 companies and visited them ALL. (I’ve done it too). In two months she found a job.

As Qatar is booming there are a lot of opportunities in Construction. The point is whether you want to take it or not. It’s not only about the money but about the experience also.(my payment during my first site work was very very limited but I accepted it. I wanted to gain experience on construction sites.) You will be working with so many big projects and interacting with many nationalities. You will gain valuable experience that you never imagined.

Building projects 

On each Building project, you will mainly find five job categories, depending on the type of the project you are working on:

1. Clients / Project Management

2. Consultants including Project management, Site supervision, Design etc.

3. Main Contractors

4. Sub Contractors, suppliers, third-party commissioning companies, maintenance etc.

5. Labour staff

As an Engineer Designer, it’s better to look for consulting companies. If you do not like office work, consultants can have site work. You can also, search for construction companies. For the Architectural designers, there are decoration companies also. As a Quantity surveyor, you can work mainly as a Consultant. Project Managers they can apply to both. In Qatar, though, you can find them mainly on sites or on the client’s side. Resident Engineers, they work mainly, on sites.

In addition, there are Oil and Gas companies but I am not the ideal person to inform you about their working standards.

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Lusail Qatar #constructiondoha #lusaillqatar

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Here you can find more than 100 companies that you can apply to! 🙂 

Agencies and General sites where you can register your CV:

Engineering Consulting Companies including Project Management, Site supervision etc.

Project Management

Main Engineering Contractors

Engineering Oil and Gas 

Real Estate 

Interior Designer and Architectural 

In addition, you can work as a supplier, maintenance Engineer and much more. Keep in mind that generally, the payments are lower. Please find below some companies.

Electrical Suppliers

You can find supplier companies here:

Mechanical Suppliers

You can find Mechanical companies here: (click on each category that is listed).

That’s a good list to start with your job hunting. 🙂 I wish you GOOD LUCK!  If you have any corrections  please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to help! 🙂

As-Salaam-Alaikum (Peace be upon you)

P.S. Photos sources: 1. Internet, 2. few of my photos 3. My friend’s – his name is Marvin and he is a great Photographer! 🙂

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Pearl in Doha #constructiondoha #pearlqatar

Pearl in Qatar #constructiondoha #pearlqatar

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How to find an Engineering job - - in Qatar