Eat as a Vegan in Greece – Main Dishes

Eat as a Vegan in Greece - Main Dishes.

Are you Vegan?

Are you planning to visit Greece and you are getting discouraged by all the Authentic meaty foods known as gyros, moussaka, pastitsio etc around Greece?? I have great news for you!! Actually, in Greece, there is a BIG variety of Traditional Vegan dishes to try. Despite the fact that few Greeks are aware of the world of Veganism, in fact, lots of Greek foods are originally Vegan.

If you visit a Greek restaurant and ask for Vegan dishes, most probably (90%), mainly in Islands and small towns, people will stare at you without having any idea what are you talking about. To make it worse many of serving people there are not even aware of the ingredients in the served dishes. Sorry but this is the truth.

It reminded me of one day that I visited a bakery and asked for dairy-free (vegan) cookies. The lady at the store was very happy about their delicious vegan cookies and offered me a free sample. I took a bite and discovered that inside were pieces of small milky chocolates. I informed her that those cookies were not vegan as they were having milky chocolates. Her answer? “Oh, it’s ok! Little bit pieces of milk chocolates don’t matter, our cookies are vegan”. See? So be aware.

Study the article below, print the list I have provided along with the Greek instructions and you are ready for your next dream vacation in Greece! 🙂

Be aware: When you ask a dish please specify that you are Vegan because in some of them they sprinkle cheese on the top of the dish. Below you can find a card translated into Greek mentioning your diet restrictions to your waiter. 

Main Dishes

Ladera cooked with lots of Olive oil (Vegetables)


My favourite summer Greek dish!! It’s stuffed vegetables (tomatoes, eggplants, green long pumpkins, pumpkin flowers, potatoes and green peppers) with rice and herbs, baked in an oven along with pieces of potatoes. Be careful! There is a version with minced meat also, so just make sure you order the meatless one.

Eat as a vegan in Greece, stuffed vegetables #greekgemista #greekvegan


Baked vegetables with tomato sauce and herbs. Another version is Grilled vegetables. For the recipe click Here -> Mpriam

Eat as a vegan in Greece, mpriam #veganbakeddish #greekvegan


Baked eggplants in tomato sauce


Big white beans baked in a tomato sauce and herbs



Okra cooked in tomato sauce


Peas cooked in tomato sauce with potatoes and carrots

Eat as a vegan in Greece, peas with potatoes #veganpeas #greekvegan


Green beans cooked in tomato sauce and served hot.


Stuffed vine leaves with rice, herbs, and lemon cooked in a big pan with water. Served cold, with a drizzle of lemon and olive oil

Eat as a vegan in Greece, Stuffed #veganpumpkin #greekvegan



Spinach pie mainly is made with eggs and cheese but some restaurants especially during lent, make it in a Vegan version. For the recipe click Here -> Spinach pie with homemade phyllo

Eat as a vegan in Greece, Spinach pie #veganpumpkin #greekvegan


Pumpkin pie mainly is made with eggs and cheese but some restaurants especially during lent, make it in a Vegan version. You can also find it in a sweet version made with raisins.

Eat as a vegan in Greece, Pumpkin pie #veganpumpkin #greekvegan


Mushroom pie mainly is made with eggs and cheese but some restaurants especially during lent, make it in a Vegan version.

Grains & Legumes 


Bean tomato soup served hot.

Greek bean soup #veganguide #greekvegan


Lentils soup served hot.


Chickpeas soup

Chickpeas soup, A Greek traditional dish #veganguide #greekvegan


Creamy Rice and Spinach cooked in a big pan with olive oil and herbs. Served hot.


Creamy Rice and cabbage cooked in a big pan with olive oil and herbs. Served hot.


Creamy Rice and leeks cooked in a big pan with olive oil and herbs. Served hot.


Ask for the vegetable version without dairy. For the recipe click Here -> Risotto with beetroots & dill/

Ten secrets for the best risotto/

Risotto with asparagus, A Quick guide for foreigners #veganguide #greekvegan

Pasta with tomato sauce or vegetables

Ask for the version with cheese.

Pasta with tomato sauce A Quick guide for foreigners #veganguide #greekvegan


Yellow beans with olive oil and lemon. Can be served as a side dish and you can mainly fond it in Islands mainly in Santorini.


Meatless fried balls made of tomato and herbs. Make sure there is no egg or milk inside, as sometimes they cook it with them. They are very famous in Santorini Island.

Pita Oikologiki

You can have the Traditional Greek pita with vegetables, potatoes and tomato sauce.

As you can see you have lots of choices for Main Dishes. The majority of them you can find them in Tavernas and Restaurants. In most of the Souvlakeri (Gyros shops) they can serve you Vegan gyros. Be careful with the sauces which normally is tzatziki and contains yoghurt.

List of Vegan Greek Main DIshes A Quick guide for foreigners #veganguide #greekvegan

Vegan Transition card in Greek A Quick guide for foreigners #veganguide #greekvegan


EAT AS A VEGAN IN #vegangreece #greekvegans

Vegan in Greece - Main Dishes. #greekvegans #vegansingreece



  1. ayewanderful

    This is such a fantastic post Penelopi. I am not a vegan but I am a vegetarian and having such a list on hand is great when I visit Greece next time because I will get to try so many authentic Greek dishes. I must say I did not face a big problem when I was in Santorini and I ate souvlaki with courgette fritters, peppers stuffed with rice, etc.

    • Hey there thanks for your message! 🙂 Since you are Vegetarian there is even a bigger variety of Greek foods. I will post about appetisers, sweets and salads also pretty soon. 🙂 Yeah I agree wherever there is Souvlaki is easy to mix and match.

  2. I would have imagined it to be quite difficult to eat vegan or vegetarian in Greece where lamb and meat is so dominate on menus. But you’ve just proven me wrong (and given me an idea for dinner tonight!) 🙂

  3. These all look great! I’m not a vegan, but that won’t stop me from trying these! Great share!

  4. Looks so yummy! I will share with my friends this list as well. They love vegan food <3

  5. Uuuuff!!! I’m not vegan but vegetarian and this post makes me want to visit Greece so badly :D!!!! I’ve always been curious about Thessaloniki, yet now there’s a far better reason to go. I always thought much of Greek food is minced meat 😀

    • Hahahah I feel your pain!! Except these dishes where you can find in the majority of the restaurants, Thessaloniki has Vegan places one is “Roots” and the other “Elephant in the room”
      Enjoy your time when you visit Greece. 🙂

  6. Wow, there are so many vegan options in Greece! I knew there were plenty of vegetarian selections but I’m impressed! What yummy food…

  7. This was so interesting and useful! There are so many veggie options which is awesome! I would think cheese would be the hardest part to be vegan in Greece.

    • Hey Lena 🙂 I agree cheese is the difficult one but nowadays all the big supermarkets have a vegan option cheese and a few restaurants serve vegan cheese pizzas also. Personally, I really hate the vegan cheese. 🙂

  8. I’m not vegan, but I’m heading to Greece in a week and some of these dishes look delicious!

    • Great!! Have a nice time in Greece! if you need anything let me know. I am based in Athens. 🙂 Since you are not Vegan do not miss to try the following foods.

      1. Mousakka – I believe you know about it. 🙂
      2. Pita Giros
      3. Cheese pies with traditional phyllo
      4. Haloumi Cheese
      5. Roasted chicken and lamb in a spin.
      6. Chorta – Green vegetables
      7. Tzatziki
      8. Ntomatokeftedes – mostly in islands
      9. Galaktompoureko – Sweet
      10. Karidopita – Sweet
      11. Baklava – Sweet
      12. Greek Ice cream

      and of course the wines, ouzo and tsipouro. 🙂

  9. Trying new food is one of my favorite parts of traveling. All of these dishes look SO good. I’ve never been vegan, but I was vegetarian for years and was always happily surprised by how many new things I was still able to try, even while staying away from meat!

  10. Wow this isn’t a great resource for vegan travelers! I am not vegan but getting closer and closer every day…. my sister is and although she doesn’t travel often I’ve seen how it can be such a challenge. Greek food is the best by the way!

  11. This makes me miss Greece so much! I am not vegan, but I totally want to eat all this healthy food. I loved the food in Greece. I love the little Greek vegan translation card, that is so helpful for people!!

  12. This was SUCH a helpful post! Thank you so much for sharing this, when I go to Greece, I will make sure to order some of these dishes. The Gemista looks incredibly delicious

  13. Thanks for this info! It’s such a struggle finding vegan restaurants anywhere!

  14. love how your vegan guide is short and straight to the point! well-organized and loving the yummy photos! thanks for sharing!

  15. Andrea Mayfield

    Yum! All these dishes look so good and great captures too!

  16. This is such a great article for Vegan eaters – those dishes look amazing (Vegan or not)! When can I go to Greece? 😉

  17. I’m always amazed that people think Greek food is all about meat, it’s got some of the best vegetarian dishes I’ve every tasted 🙂 Great to meet someone else who loves Greece and the food.

  18. I had no idea that there were so many vegan dishes in Greece!! (As well as many that don’t appear to have gluten either!) I’ve had a similar experience before where I’ve accidentally had gluten because the person serving the food didn’t realize that barley also contains gluten, so I completely understand your frustration that not everyone understands what vegan means. Your printable card at the very bottom will definitely be very helpful to circumvent this problem! Thanks for this incredible round-up post!!

  19. WOW! That is amazing and looks so amazing <3 Thanks a lot for your reseach and sharing with us! Can’t wait to go back to Greece 🙂

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