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6 Vegan Pizza Delivery | Eats in Thessaloniki, Greece

6 Vegan Pizza Delivery | Eats in Thessaloniki

Do you Love Pizza and as a Vegan you are struggling to find a great place to indulge your craving? Then this post is for you!

Pizza. A flatbread with yeast normally topped with thick tomato sauce and cheese, baked in an oven. It is also include various veggies. The best pizzas I remember was in Italy. Nothing can compete an Italian Pizza!

If you are in the mood for a Vegan Delivery, a few months ago, I published an article in Greek about the Vegetarian and Vegan Delivery places in Greece. It’s in Greek though, and you can find it —> HERE

On this post, I would like to concentrate more on Pizza Delivery places in Thessaloniki! My favorite town in Greece! 

Personally, I seldom find a good place to eat a good Vegan Pizza. I am quite new to Veganism and I just can’t get used to Vegan “Cheese”. A big surprise is that you can enjoy a Vegan Pizza without cheese as well!

Vegan Pizza Delivery in Thessaloniki - Greece. maninio.com


Pizza Chains

Basilico – Delivery 12.30 – 00.30 in the center

Pizza Fan – Delivery 23.30 – 00.30

Pizza Please – Delivery 13:00 – 00:00

The Urban idea with homemade Neapolitan Pizza with the best ingredients from Italy and Greece. They make the Pizza in front of customers. The dough always matures for over 12 hours, so it does not mature in your stomach. It is baked in the traditional Neapolitan way in the wood-burning wood burning Greek beechwood and its temperature can reach 500 degrees Celsius.         I can’t wait to try it out!


  • Bruschettas
  • Salads
  • Pizzas
  • Various Baked Vegetables

6 Vegan Pizza Delivery | Eats in Thessaloniki, pizza please. maninio.com #veganingreece #vegandeliveries

Pizza Chris – Delivery 11.00-01:00

Pizza Poselli – Delivery 13:00-05:30, around the center

Doureios Pizza – Delivery 12.30 – 00.30 in Sikies, Neapoli, Polixni, Meteora, Centre, Nea Poli, Agios Paulos, Xirokrini, Faneromeni

Are you not a fan of Pizza? Then you can check these 7 Vegan Delivery Restaurants in Thessaloniki that offer great food!

If you know any other Vegan Pizza Places please let me know 🙂 

Happy Eating!

Note: All the Pizzarias assured us that they do not use milk or honey in their dough.


Vegan Pizza Delivery in Thessaloniki - Greece. maninio.com #vegandelivery #veganingreece

6 Vegan Pizza Delivery | Eats in Thessaloniki. maninio.com #vegandelivery #veganingreece

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