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Welcome to my page, Maninio, a blog that you can discover stories from my involvement with Vegetarian food and travels, wandering around the world. My name is Penelope, from Nafpaktos, I studied Mechanical Engineer in Athens where I worked for a few years.

Travel – The Beginning

I made my first trip abroad (Prague) in 2002. I fell in love with the city and since then I did not stop travelling.

Initially, my trips were around Greece and in 2005 I decided to move to Scotland (Edinburgh) to feed my “hunger” for travelling and study for a year.

Gastronomy – The Beginning

During 2006 – 2015, I worked in Qatar, where alongside my work and my travels mainly to Asia, I began to explore my second passion, in cooking and especially in pastry.

In my last two years in the Middle East, I attended a three-month chocolate seminar (I’m obsessed with pastry!) and started to share my treats with friends and colleagues. I had become obsessed, I was cooking and discovering new recipes all the time. My name on that current flatshare was Ratatouille! One day, a colleague and dear friend named Sumit, gave me the idea to open a Facebook page and start selling my food. As a result, I started a part-time catering offering Greek delicacies and sugar paste cakes to Greeks and foreigners for 2 years. Thanks, Sumit!!!!

Since then, the style of my travels has changed character… Wherever I travel, I am committed to fulfilling my goal of being a new bee to get to know local cuisines, discovering the best restaurants and the most appealing culinary experiences.

Travel – The next step

By the end of the summer of 2015, I decided to leave Qatar and travel around the world. I started from Cambodia, continued Sri Lanka, India and then Greece for a while. Then I decided to move to France for a few months to learn the language and explore. There I  got the need to deal more extensively with my blog, which I did. I start studying various online seminars and courses. Then along with my blog, I continued my trips to Ireland and Germany.

I recently returned to Greece to follow a course called Design and Optimisation of Zero Energy Consumption Buildings from the Kapodistrian University and to promote the food and traditional products of my country through my blog.

Gastronomy – The next step and the transition

Early in 2017, I discovered the benefits of Vegetarianism and Veganism and I am in the transition from obesity to a healthy lifestyle. At the moment I’m a vegetarian. I do not apply any diet just changing my diet and I see what works for me and what not. The recipes you will find on my blog are my own “experiments”, traditional recipes from my mum and from what I have learned from the relevant seminars and from my travels around the world.

My Transition to Vegetarianism and Veganism originally started for health reasons and after of extensively research and education I remain in this diet and for moral reasons also. I am still in the transition to stop eating eggs, dairy and honey.

Seminars and diplomas with Certifications:

  • Diploma in Plant-Based Diet – Certified (Canada)
  • Diploma in Essential Vegan Desserts – Certified (Canada)
  • Certificate in Professional Chocolatier – Certified (Canada)
  • Diploma in Holistic Massage – Certified (UK)
  • Diploma in Thai Massage (Level 1) from Thailand and Greece – Certified (Thailand & Greece)
  • Diploma in Reiki – Certified (Qatar)
  • Weekly Cooking Classes in Qatar, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, India, France, Greece, and the UK
  • Photography seminars in Ireland as well as online classes

In my blog, you will find everything related to a healthy and alternative lifestyle, from food, travel, eco-friendly restaurants, ecological homes as well as hotels, various retreats, yoga and alternative holidays.

The name of my blog is, the name my niece calls me. Oh yeah, I’m a silly aunt!

I would be happy to hear your comments and suggestions!

If you want to know more things about me and my blog Click here


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  3. I found your site while looking for Easter dinner ideas and I am very excited to dig in deeper to everything you have posted! :^) We are trying the quinoa salad with lemon dressing and I have your hashbrowns with sun dried tomatoes earmarked to try in the next week or two. Looking forward to reading the rest of your posts and recipes.

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