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Guinness Experience – Dublin

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Guinness Experience – Dublin

For me, the Guinness experience is not only about the well-organised storehouse but also for the history behind it. Despite the fact I used to dislike the dark coloured beers I can honestly say that, after my visit, Guinness is definitely the king of all of them! It is in Ireland, which is one of my favourite European destinations. That adds to the whole experience! 🙂

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Not far from the city centre, just 20 minutes walk, it is Ireland’s most popular tourist attraction. I am firstly struck by the slight smell in the air and then the journey begins on the ground floor.  You can purchase your tickets and go through to the 7th floor where the Gravity bar is located. The experience continues through the floors which consist of various screens showing Ireland’s history, lots of information about brewing and beer-sample on the 2nd floor. The history, walk back in time, the flash attractions and the Architecture of the building are pretty impressive.

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Along with your ticket, a free pint of beer is provided. You have two choices, either you use the coupon for your pint in the top gravity bar or you can use it to learn how to pour the perfect pint, enjoy it in the Academy and print your learning certificate. My friend chose the Academy, so we had both deals! In addition, at the end, a question competition was held and she won another pint!

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Guinness Experience, heading to the beer academy. #guinnessexperience #guinnessireland

For the perfect pour, you hold the glass at 45 degrees, 1cm below the tap faucet. Pull the faucet handle and pour until half, directly.  Leave the glass to rest for 2 minutes, in order the beer to settle and then fill the glass up to the top. My favourite part of the beer is the frothy foam on the top and it’s a result of a good pouring to the glass. Can you see the perfect foam??? Love it!


Guiness beer academy, Dublin. #guinnessexperience #guinnessireland

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At the end, along with our pints, we stepped in the top circled glass Gravity bar. From here you can enjoy 360-degree fantastic views all over Dublin. Definitely the highlight of the whole experience!

Roof top BAR IN ireland. #guinnessexperience #guinnessireland

Guinness Experience roof view to Dublin. #guinnessexperience #guinnessireland

Guinness Experience roof top. #guinnessexperience #guinnessireland

Things to consider:

  • You can book your tickets either online, to avoid the queue or at the storehouse’s ticket box office. Please note that the Ticket price on the storehouse is 20 euros and online 14 euros. Family, children and senior packages also available.
  • Arrive early to avoid any crowds. It opens at 9:30 am.
  • The place’s huge, you need at least 2 hours for the visit.
  • Except for the bar, there are restaurants also on the 5th floor.
  • You can buy any souvenirs on the ground floor shop before the exit.

Enjoy the Guinness Experience! 🙂


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